The basis, or underlying foundation of everything that CNS does is networking. Whether you have four PCs in your office connected together in a peer-to-peer environment or hundreds of PCs and servers spread over three cities, CNS has a solution to make them all work together better and faster. The components of networking have changed dramatically over the last few years. From Gigabyte backbones to wireless connections, there are more options than ever for linking your employees and information. CNS’s consultants have the knowledge to make all these technologies work together to provide your business with a stable and efficient network environment.

Along with connecting employees and internal information, it’s now a necessity for most businesses to be connected to the Internet. CNS offers high speed, secure Internet solutions specifically tailored to your needs. Through both hardware and software components, CNS will install and configure an Internet solution that makes it easier for your business to communicate with others. We’ll also make it secure – with an “always on” Internet connection the possibility of hacker and virus problems multiplies exponentially. Utilizing firewall technology, anti virus software, and backup solutions, CNS will protect your most important and valuable asset – your data

Your computer network

should support your growing business, not drain precious time and resources. Outsource My IT will save you time, money and frustration by maintaining and maximizing your network's reliability and performance.

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