To remain competitive, small businesses must maximize current technologies. They must do this cost effectively and with little direct Information Technology (IT) experience. Maintaining a dedicated, full-time IT department, as do their larger counterparts, is simply too expensive, time consuming and inefficient for small businesses. The answer to this predicament is solved by using a true Professional Technology Services Provider. These providers offer on-demand talent, depth of experience, deep resources and huge economies of scale that allow small businesses to receive both peace of mind and affordable professional-class IT service.


Outsource My IT is focused on enabling the success of Small Businesses through the effective use and management of technology. The company is an expert at translating the needs and business goals of small companies into robust, secure and affordable information technology (IT) infrastructures and providing professional support for them. Outsource My IT is a trusted advisor to its clients, giving them unbiased and balanced advice, as well as expert support.

At Outsource My IT, we believe that every remote management service should include five key components:

  • An intuitive tool for remote monitoring of key network elements such as routers, firewalls and servers
  • Real time reporting of network and device status with instant notification when service indicators reach a warning or critical state
  • Historical and trend reports to help identify areas of future concern and to make informed purchasing decisions
  • The capability for predictive analysis so potential issues are identified and eliminated before they become serious problems
  • Secure remote access to the server or computer to quickly and effectively diagnose and resolve the technical issue
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